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Tumbling Class

posted on Thursday, May 06, 2021

The tumbling class will begin May 17th. Since we don't have season practices yet, I'd like to do these tumbling practices 6-6:45pm on Mondays and Wednesdays starting the 17th. Then once practices begin, we can start right after practice at 7-7:45pm. These are not mandatory and are not something you need to sign up for. If your child wants to attend, they can just show up! It does not matter how many times they attend! They can come to all, half, a few, none, etc. Each practice will be $10 or if you want to do $20 a week, that's fine too. Normal classes are about $80 a month for once a week classes. We will be working on basic body control like handstands, cartwheels, backbends, and up to a back walk over because those can be safely taught with drills without equipment. This will also help with flexibility!


Fitting Day Rescheduled

posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Fitting day will be rescheduled due to registration being extended. Registration will now be May 22nd from 12-2pm at the back patio of Pattonville Heights.


Tumbling Class Opportunity

posted on Sunday, April 18, 2021

I would like to offer a tumbling/body control class to the girls this year. I have not previously done this with JPS but I was an experienced tumbler and coached/trained at Platinum Athletics for several years. I am not able to coach there anymore due to lack of time but a lot of families in the past have asked about tumbling opportunities because while there is no tumbling requirements for JPS, the high school does look at tumbling skills. There are plenty of girls that make the high school teams without tumbling but there is extra credit points at tryouts for those that can tumble. I would like to offer a body control and BASIC tumbling 'class' for the girls this year to whoever is interested. Normally for classes and privates the cost is expensive, like $30 for 30 minutes at Platinum for a single one-on-one private with classes ranging from I believe $60-$80 per month. I'd like to help the girls with body control and tumbling up to a backhandspring after practices but I need to guage if that's something you all are interested in. Without equipment, teaching basic level skills is not difficult. I'd like to open it to anyone who is interested and the girls can come as often as they'd like (or as often as you permit/can afford) so if they can come to all, once a week, every other week, once a month, or sparatic, it doesn't matter. The class would be $10 per night and would be 45 minutes after practices.

Please complete this survey so I can get an idea of how often, how many girls, and what nights you would be interested in doing this class. Right now I can start in May and can do once a week or twice a week but again, they can attend as many as they'd like, it doesn't matter to me! Summer practices will start after camp in June from 6-7 on Mondays only so we can do this class from 7-7:45 on Mondays or Monday/Wednesdays. The survey below asks what your preference would be. Please complete as soon as possible before the end of April so I can plan accordingly. If you have questions about this class, let me know.



Registration Extension

posted on Sunday, April 18, 2021

Registration for the 2021-2022 season has been extended through May 15! If you have not registered and would like to, there are some spots still available!