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COVID Protocols

posted on Friday, August 20, 2021

After discussing with the board, we are going to use the Pattonville protocols. Even though we are not affiliated with the district, it'll be easier to just have the same protocols as the school. I'm attaching the protocol guideline chart here. There are multiple scenarios telling what to do if a person comes into close contact with a positive case. It also includes if the person is vaccinated or not as well as wearing a mask or not.

Based on these guidelines and the fact that we are outside, we are not going to require masks during practice and games unless they are stunting. So everyone will still need to bring a mask to practice in case we do stunt. When we aren't stunting, we will be spread out and keep 3ft of distance between everyone. The only time we come closer than 3ft is when we stunt. Based on these guidelines, anyone that is vaccinated will not have to quarantine no matter what. The only time we will have to quarantine is if someone is not vaccinated and has their mask off within 3ft, which won't happen because we will have masks on when we are that close so we don't have to worry too much about it!! We will have extra masks at practice for those that forget one and I did order black masks that say pirates on the side for games. These masks will be part of their uniform and will need to be in their bag for games. The masks won't be in until the 2nd game though so for the first game we will just wear any mask for half time or you can use one of the cheap ones we will bring.